Treats and Chews

This page describes Digestible and NON-Digestible Chews and a variety of treats that could be used for snacks and training. Remember to always supervise your pets when giving them chews (digestible or non-digestible).

Non-Digestible Chews

Hard chews are not recommended as they can cause tooth damage. Anything that you can’t depress with your thumb, is probably too hard. For example, antlers and bones are too hard.

Digestible Chews

When supervising your dog and their digestible chew, another good rule of thumb is that if a chew is shorter than the width of the dog’s jaw, it should be thrown away because it’s too small and they could choke on it.

Training Treats and Puzzle Treats

In addition to the products show from, check out your local pet stores and see what you can find. We prefer to stay away from products that contain Corn, Wheat, Soy, and Gluten. Look for Organic products and products that are made in the USA. We do not recommend any rawhide products. If you are looking for treats for training, inserting into Kong toys or hiding in puzzle toys, consider using kibble pieces or the Zukes Mini Naturals. I like the Charlie Bear crunchie bits for hiding in puzzles.

Organ Meats and Special Treats

Don’t overfeed. These are very high quality treats so use them at special times. We feed pregnant moms some extra organ meats. When we travel, if we have to take kibble, we’ll bring along a can of sardines and use those as a high quality topper for the kibble.