Shampoos, Conditioners and Coat Care

Bichons require daily grooming and coat care as well as bathing and a haircut at least once a month. We brush our dogs daily and bathe them and do a sanitary trim twice a month and a full haircut once a month. Toenails are clipped weekly. It’s important to use the right products, including TOOLS and SOLUTIONS for the best coat and skin health. Harsh tools and products will make for a poor result and potentially unpleasant experience for your dog. We are happy to educate new puppy owners with the proper ways to groom their bichon. Our puppies get daily grooming and weekly bathing from the time they are about 4-5 weeks old until the time they go to their new homes. By then they should have learned that grooming is an enjoyable bonding experience with their pack leader. Our puppies get a shampoo sample and some basic grooming tools in their going home swag bag.

Routine Shampoos

Our favorite product line is Isle of Dogs. We also like the Eqyss product line. For puppy coats we like the Isle of Dogs Stand Up product or the Nature’s Specialties Almond Crisp product. For our adults we typically start with a cleansing shampoo like EZ Groom Filthy Beast or Nature’s Choice Dirty Dog. Then we use either Isle of Dogs Stand Up or #1 All Systems Professional Formula Whitening Pet Shampoo.

Special Care Shampoos

We like to use Blueberry Facial for muzzles and under the eyes where dogs might have food and tear stains. Let it soak in these areas for 5-10 minutes while you bathe the rest of the dog. Look at this list for other products we use for dogs that might have other special needs like dry skin, itching or fleas.


We don’t routinely condition adult coats…but do so after moms have puppies or after dogs are done in the show ring. We DO NOT condition puppy coats. They are soft enough as is. To strengthen those coats, we rely on good nutrition and frequent “tipping” of the hair. Our favorite conditioner if from Isle of Dogs but a great inexpensive leave-in (or rinse lightly) conditioner is from

Coat Hydrating Sprays and Dematting Sprays

Please use a light mist of distilled water or better yet, one of these coat sprays to help keep the coat strong and hydrated during daily brushing. We don’t recommend dry brushing without some type of misting. Also be sure you understand the proper use of grooming tools when dematting.