New Puppy Essentials

Before you bring home your new puppy, these are items you should have on hand.

Food, Water and Daily Supplements

We can provide new puppy owners with some food to get you through the first few days. Please visit our page of recommended food and water products for full details of what we feed our puppies and our adult bichons. Remember, NO TAP WATER. Reverse Osmosis or Purified water is preferred because excess minerals are removed. Too many minerals can lead to bladder issues in bichons.   We also recommend you use a joint supplement and a cognitive supplement for at least the first year of your puppy’s development. Like most puppies, bichons like to run and jump which is hard on their knees. A good joint support supplement can help strengthen their joints as they grow. Research has also shown that puppies fed with DHA to support brain, eye and cardiovascular development are healthier and easier to train. We like Krill oil for a good source of DHA and EPA, the two types of omega-3 fatty acids found to provide the most health benefits.

Sleeping and Safety Products

Dog beds with bolsters are prefered by our bichons. Our puppies also like a cot and a crate so they have two types of places they can retreat to if they are nervous or scared. If you can, get both. If you have to choose only one, get a crate (wire or plastic). The sizes in our examples are perfect for puppies as well as mature bichons. You may need to make the crate smaller inside initially so the puppy only has enough room to stand up and lay down…no room to pee or poop. Don’t forget to get a bolster bed liner for the crate. I cover mine with a standard pillow case to keep it fresh. Also, make sure you have a pet carrier for your car. Like a car seat for kids, you don’t want your bichon unrestrained in the car. Puppies should ride in a carrier or crate. Older dogs may use a harness and seat belt buckle. A crate is always the best option.


Collars and Harnesses

Your puppy will come with a quick release safety collar and bell (so you can keep track of him if he’s wandering the house). DO NOT attach a leash to this type of collar as a slight tug will release it and the puppy can run away. We strongly recommend a harness with a short leash over a collar. We only list a collar here in case your trainer requires it. Try NOT to use a collar on your bichon.


Chews and Training Products

Puppies need plenty of things to chew on so their baby teeth can get loose and fall out. They also need toys and activities that will stimulate their brains. Here are some things we use with our puppies.

Basic Grooming Supplies

Your puppy will come with a few grooming tools and supplies (an anti-static pet comb, slicker brush, eye cleaning items, toothbrush, nail clippers, shampoo and some other items items. Here are some additional items you may want to have on hand.

Other Helpful Products

You’ll need a way to keep the puppy contained when you are away from home or unable to keep an eye on him. Consider setting up a safe area using an exercise pen or using a baby gate to contain him in the kitchen or other area that’s safe. Pee pads will come in handy at times,
but it’s best to train your puppy to do his business outside in a designated area. We use pee pads to train the puppies at night. During the day they are trained to go outside.