Miscellaneous Products

Safety Sprays

When walking our dogs we generally take only two at a time. If approached by a questionable dog and they start to appear aggressive, we might use a citronella spray. If approached by a coyote or very aggressive dog we would opt for a stronger pepper type of spray.

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Home Cleaning Products We like

Boots and socks

Bar none, the Grippers Non Slip Dog Socks are THE BEST booties I have used for dogs that need grip on hard floors. Order the XS size for medium to large bichons. I use them only on the back feet so the front paws were natural to them. Toenails will not poke through like they do on most socks. The Grippers can be worn outdoors but are NOT suitable for use in snow or on ice. You need to order Grippers directly from this web site.

For indoors you might also just want a simple sock. The ones from Power Paws worked the best for our older dogs on our slippery stone and porcelain floors.

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