Litter Diary: Puppies Born 12/29/15

Holly, May 2015

Dam: IntCH GCH CH Hollyhock SHE Returns “Holly”

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Sire: IntCH GCH CH Hollyhock Heir To The Throne “Wills”

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Lucie, Kiki, Gracie and Toby as adults

The puppies in their new homes — Lucie, Kiki, Gracie and Toby

The 10th week.

Gracie and Lucie spent some time outside this week and then went off to their new homes.  How fortunate these babies all are to have such wonderful bichon families to go home to.

Kiki is settling into her new home with Bichons Bukie and Keebo. Whatch her playing with Bukie, her half sister. (duration 0:36)

The 9th week.

Puppies got their puppy shots and visited the Gibb bichons. Toby and Kiki will go home this week.

The 8th week.

Puppies got their microchips and first haircuts this week. They are getting so cute!

The 7th week.

Sorry, no video nor many photos this week. They are so active most of my photos came out blurry. I will try to do better next week.

The 6th week.

Discovering their larger play area and learning their names. Toby, Gracie, Kiki and Lucie.

Let the games begin! Time to explore a new playground. (duration 5:50)

The 5th week.

First baths and blow drys, and loving their real food.

Independence and bath time. (duration 4:20)

The 4th week.

Sleeping less and walking and talking more! Time to move to a bigger play area.

Exploring each other. (duration 3:26)

Finally, some real food! (duration 1:26)

The 3rd week.

Daily exercises continue…and they are protesting more now that they can see and hear. They are starting to sit up on their own and walk around a little. Their pigment continues coming in and watching them learning to “talk” and “walk” is a joy.

Learning to talk, walk and sit. (duration 1:31)

The 2nd week.

Daily exercises continue. Pigment starts filling in and they are putting on some nice weight. We are starting so see nice coats developing and they are squirming around and trying to get their legs under their robust bellies. Soon their eyes and ears will be openning.

Nursing, cooing and crawling. (duration 2:48)

They take their daily exercises in stride…no complaining. (duration 1:48)

The first week.

Dew claws get removed and the focus is putting on weight and then starting their daily exercise routine. We introduce Early Neurological Stimulation to give our pups an advantage that should benefit them for life.

Watch the video of the puppies nursing (duration 1:06)

Watch the video of the newborn puppies doing their daily exercises (duration 2:27)

Learn about Early Neurological Stimulation from Dr. Carmen Battaglia (8:03)

The birth day and first vet visit

Watch the video of the puppies being born on 12/29/15 (duration 6:00)

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