Litter Diary: Puppies born 12/05/16

Dam: IntCH CH Hollyhock Dazzle And Delight “Dee Dee”

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Sire: CH Shyladawn’s Keeper Of The Flame For Chamour “Titus”

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Tessa, Jasmine and Tofu – More photos from home

The Puppies In Their New Homes — Tessa, Jasmine and Tofu

As their new owners share puppy photos with us we will post them here every couple of weeks so you can see them grow up.

Ten weeks old!

Jasmine (Pink girl), Tessa (Yellow girl) and Sasha (Rainbow girl) are all getting ready to go to their forever homes. They are sleeping with their “going home blankets and toys” so they can retain the scent of their littermates and mommy after they leave. They are pretty good with their potty training as long as they go outside after each nap and each feeding time. Each of their new owners has registered them for ongoing training and they should enjoy their Early Puppy Socialization classes where they will meet other pups their size and age and a variety of other breeds.

Nine weeks old!

It was a busy week for the girls. They had another round of puppy evaluations, had their first round of puppy shots (and another car ride), and were introduced to clicker training. They now all come to their call names, Jasmine, Tessa and Sasha. Daily grooming lessons also continued. Some new mischief became evident this week, including nipping, digging, and tearing up their pee pads. We are working on corrective measures! Videos also include their initial collar and leash training and introduction to toddlers.

Eight weeks old!

It’s sunny and warm in San Diego this week so the girls are getting a lot of time outdoors. They enjoy their romps around the yard and then they eat and crash for a nap in their outdoor play area. We also did puppy structure and temperament evaluations this week.

Seven weeks old!

It was a busy week. The girls play area was expanded and they have a separate “potty area” that is sectioned off and away from the areas where they play, eat and sleep. Remarkably, they go to their potty spot about 80% of the time. We are taking them outside right after each meal and also mid morning and mid afternoon. They go to their outdoor potty spot first, then they can wander and play. So, housebreaking has begun! They also had their first baths this week and were all very good…no screaming or fussing. Such good girls! Read the captions under each photo in the slideshow to learn more.

Six weeks old!

These girls just love being outside. They have discovered the pool, climbing on rocks, carrying around wood chips from the bedding areas, and nibbling on green plants. This week we increased their real food in the hopes that they would nurse a bit less. Mommy is getting sore from the babies teeth, but she is still nursing them like clockwork. They are learning to go outside after each meal to pee and poop, and I dare say, they are making good progress with that. We also only use a single pee pad now and most of the time they go on it. They are going to get their first bath and blow dry next week, but this week they had time on the grooming table every morning to clean their eyes, brush their hair and clip their toenails. They were all great on the table. I am falling behind on the video editing, but I promise to get to it over the next few days…we are expecting rain, so we will be spending more time indoors and hopefully, the little girls will take more naps.

Five weeks old!

The theme of the week was FUN IN THE SUN. Later in the week we had rain and had to spend more time indoors napping and cuddling. Feeding time was also popular this week and they are enjoying real food in addition to the timely nursing Dee Dee is providing. She still gets up in the middle of the night to nurse them and also nurses them in between their regular meals. Dee Dee is also happy to clean their food dish if they don’t finish every morsel. Their personalities are emerging more each day and they are each very outgoing and fun. One day Pink seems to be emerging as the leader, then Yellow takes charge. Rainbow girl is very independent and inquisitive. It is a joy to watch them each form their own personalities. We will post video clips in a few days.

Four weeks old!

The girls are transitioning to a new environment this week. Their play area has been expanded and they are being introduced to the pack of bichons at the Gibb house. They are starting to eat real food but Dee Dee is still nursing them. Their teeth are starting to come in so nursing will become less frequent. They are starting to play with each other and will small toys. Enjoy the video clips.

Three weeks old!

The girls eyes and ears are just about fully open and they are becoming more vocal as they see and hear things for the first time. They are crawling around more and are taking their first steps, in spite of their big bellies. Dee Dee is dutifully nursing them and encouraging them to walk around more. Soon they will graduate to a larger play area and will be getting more exercise. For now, eating and sleeping still makes up their primary routine. They continue to do their daily exercises and don’t complain when they get their toenails clipped. Such good girls!
Click here to watch video snippets of the litter during their first three weeks of life. (duration 4:41)

Happy 2 week birthday!

Hello world! The girls eyes and ears are starting to open and their pigment is filling in. They are still pretty inactive, mostly eating and sleeping. Mommy Linda wakes them for their daily exercises and they don’t complain a bit. Once their eyes and ears are fully open, they will begin exploring their surroundings by crawling around more. Next week they should start trying to get up on all 4 legs if their big bellies don’t get in the way!

During the first two weeks

The puppies continue to nurse and sleep most of the time. Their eyes and ears won’t open for another week, but this week we begin their “puppy exercises” and they will start “feeling” the world beyond mommy’s furry belly. View the slideshow and read the captions to learn more. Watch the video to learn how we introduce Early Neurological Stimulation to give our pups an advantage that should benefit them for life.

The birth day and first vet visit

Dee Dee’s litter came a few days early and the delivery went relatively quickly, with just over 2 hours of labor. She had three girls, weighing between 7 and 8 ounces. View the slideshow and read the captions to learn more.

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