Litter Diary: Puppies Born 08/14/17

Dam: IntCH CH Hollyhock Dazzle And Delight “Dee Dee”

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Sire: CH Shyladawn’s Keeper Of The Flame For Chamour “Titus”

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What a difference a year makes! — Artie, Chloe, Mia, Rosie & Walter

The puppies are now all in their new homes — Artie, Chloe, Mia, Rosie & Walter

As their new owners share photos with us we will post them here periodically so you can continue to watch them grow up.

13 weeks old – Artie, the last one to leave for home

Artie and Lil (from Holly’s litter) traveled together from San Diego to Chicago this week. They were great travelers. Deb took them on the redeye flight and they slept well, and peed at all the appropriate pee spots along the way. It was below 30 degrees when we landed, but thankfully the pee spots were indoors at the airport. Artie’s final trip was under an hour and he met Linus and Lucy, his new adult bichon buddies. So now all of Dee Dee’s puppies are home. We will post some photos and videos of her pups in their new homes every couple of weeks or whenever we get updates.

12 weeks old – Artie, the last remaining in his litter

Artie, Lil, Louis and Green Bean are the last pups remaining of the three litters. Artie loves to play in the pool when he’s not contained in the designated play areas. He also seems to be Chipper’s little buddy. I think they may miss each other, but Artie is going to a home with two older bichons, so it should be the perfect fit for him. He will fly home later next week.

The Eleventh Week – Gold (Walter) goes home and White (Artie) remains

Read the photo captions to follow Walter as he makes his journey home from San Diego to Denver. As with all our pups, he was a wonderful traveler. He greeted his new family as if he’d known them forever. Now Artie is the last of Dee Dee’s babies left in the pack. He will go home in the next two weeks. In the meantime, he seems to be enjoying being part of the smaller pack. The Puppy Palooza video below combines clips from the 4 to 5 remaining pups.

The Tenth Week – Just two pups remain

Chloe (Pink), Mia (Orange) and Rosie (Purple) have all settled into their new homes. Walter (Gold) and Artie (White) are having a blast being the “big boys” in the newly formed pack of 5. We are enjoying the pictures and video clips we are getting from the pup’s new homes and feel blessed to have such wonderful families.

The Ninth Week – New names, 1st puppy shots and a few departures

The pups started learning their names this week. Pink is now Chloe, Orange is Mia Sophia, Purple is Rosie, Gold is Walter and White is Artie. They all visited the vet for a final wellness exam and their first round of puppy shots. They were all very good, and no one complained. Chloe, Rosie, and Mia made the journey to new homes in California. The boys, Walter and Artie, have plane reservations for Colorado and Illinois in the next few weeks. This is the last video that will have all 12 puppies playing together.

The Eighth Week – Microchips, puzzles and fun in the sun!

The pups continue to get exposed to new things. Puzzles were a big hit this week. We used their morning playtime to introduce them to that because we hide pieces of kibble in the puzzles for them to find. We will give them some harder puzzles next week. They also got more time around the pool and Orange girl took the lead in showing the others how to swim…and we didn’t even put her in the water. She just decided on her own to go in. Purple girl and White boy fell in after getting off balance on the edge of the coping, but they quickly oriented themselves and swam to the beach end and exited on their own. Gold and Pink walked along the beach but did not venture any further. On Thursday we took a ride and everyone got their microchips. No one made a peep during the procedure and everyone was great in the car. Next week they will get their first puppy shots and we will begin teaching them their names in preparation for going home.

The Seventh Week – More outdoor playtime

Dee Dee’s kids are catching up with Holly’s kids and taking on all kinds of new play…both indoors and outdoors. Little Orange girl is a pistol and will try anything we throw at her. Purple girl is our “Dora the Explorer” and is curious about the yard. All of them are getting very good with peeing and pooping on the grass and most have mastered the doggie door. They went for a car ride this week and everyone did great.

The Sixth Week – First haircuts and joining forces with Holly’s litter

Now that Emma is here with her two puppies, we have put Holly and Dee Dee’s pups together in an expanded play area. Everyone is having a blast. Some new experiences this week included their first haircuts, new toys like the tunnel and ball pit, and learning about solid food and toothbrushing. These pups are open to anything and everything we throw at them. The videos here are the same ones posted on Holly’s litter diary since now those two litters are combined. Sorry they are so long…I just couldn’t decide what to leave out!

The Fifth Week – Eating real food and getting their first bath

Dee Dee’s puppies continue to enjoy playtime with Holly’s puppies, but they do seem to get tired easier. They are eating real food and nursing much less. Their teeth are just starting to come in and Dee Dee doesn’t seem bothered by it yet. That will soon change. They all had their first baths and everyone did just great…no “drama” to speak of, even during the blow drying. I waited until they were tired…ha, ha…so they may look a bit tired in the photos. I hadn’t thought about that consequence. Next week we plan to give them their first haircuts so stay tuned!

The Fourth Week – Eating real food and socializing more

Dee Dee’s babies started eating real food this week. They are still learning to walk so having the extra food may not be ideal…ha, ha. We let them play with Holly’s litter in the hopes that they will get more exercise! Dee Dee is just as happy to let them nurse and nap, and she especially likes to clean their plate if they don’t eat all their food. Some personalities are starting to emerge. Gold and Pink seem to be the most outgoing so far. White and Orange are more subdued, but they both have their moments. Purple girl is the curious one and likes to play with toys (including other puppies) and you can often find her exploring on her own.

The Third Week – Learning to walk and new surroundings

It was not a very interesting week for Dee Dee’s pups. They moved to their new, larger enclosure and learned to climb in and out of their crate. Other than that, they still just slept most of the time. They are quite robust and getting all 4 legs up under those bellies proved tiring…ha, ha! Holly and Dee Dee respect each other’s space but often will come to the aid of any baby that cries. Sometimes when the babies are roaming around they get “lost” and you will hear one of them shriek. Sure enough, either Holly or Dee Dee are right there to steer him or her back to the main group.

The Second Week – Fattening up and tolerating their daily exercises

This week Dee Dee and her pups continued their simple routine of daily weight checks, nursing, napping and doing their brief puppy exercises. As anticipated, at day 14, their eyes and ears started to open up. In the next few days we will move them to their bigger play area and they will start learning to walk and take in all the new sights and sounds. They also seem to enjoy the human cuddling they get a couple of times a day, especially now that they can look into our eyes and they can hear us talking to them.

The First Week – Early Stimulation Exercises

The puppies continue to nurse and sleep most of the time. Their eyes and ears won’t open for another week, but this week we began their “puppy exercises”. They are entering the “baked potato phase” where they are starting to plump up quite nicely. We are starting to see pigment fill in and we’re seeing nice coats developing. View the slideshow and read the captions to learn more. Watch the video to learn how we introduce Early Neurological Stimulation (aka puppy exercises) to give our pups an advantage that should benefit them for life.

The birth day and first vet visit

Dee Dee and Titus welcomed 3 girls and 2 boys to the Hollyhock Bichon family in less than three hours of easy labor. Dee Dee was so cool about everything, we visited the vet within hours of the big event and everyone checked out great. Mommy and babies are nursing at momma Linda’s house and will begin their puppy exercises after they get their dew claws removed later this week.

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