Litter Diary: Puppies Born 6/4/2014

Dam: IntCH GCH CH Hollyhock SHE Returns “Holly”

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Sire: CH Karmel’s Latin Lover “Casper”

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Lily and Bukie all grown up

6 to 9 Months old — Lily and Bukie in the awkward hair stages

9 to 12 Weeks old — Lily and Bukie in their new homes

Videos of the girls around 10 weeks old…discovering new worlds…

Bukie just clowning around (duration 1:20)

Lily visits the Gibb bichon ranch (duration 3:04)

Lily takes on the bigger bichons (duration 5:18)

9 Weeks old — Bukie

9 Weeks old — Lily

8 Weeks old — First puppy shots, microchip, collar and leash and conformation training begins

8 Weeks old — Bukie

8 Weeks old — Lily

7 Weeks old — Exploring outside and first bath and haircut

Watch the video of the girls getting their first bath and haircuts (duration 1:56)

7 Weeks old — Bukie

7 Weeks old — Lily

6 Weeks old — Getting a larger play area and some playtime with Dee Dee. Bukie meets her new parents.

5 Weeks old — Getting more active with small toys and starting to show their personalities!

Day 28 — Starting to explore more and eating real food for the first time.

Day 21 — Eyes and ears are open and they begin to walk and talk!

Watch the video of Girl 2 demonstrating her voice (duration 0:36)

Day 14 — Daily exercises continue. Eyes and ears are still shut, but starting to open.

Day 7 — Not much happening…nursing and getting plump and daily exercises are underway.

Watch the video to learn how we introduce Early Neurological Stimulation to give our pups an advantage that should benefit them for life.
Learn about Early Neurological Stimulation from Dr. Carmen Battaglia (8:03)

Day 4 — Their first visitors

The birth day

Watch the video of the puppies born 6/4/14 (duration 3:21)

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