Litter Diary: Puppies born 4/12/16

Dam: IntCH CH Hollyhock Dazzle And Delight “Dee Dee”

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Sire: IntCH GCH CH Hollyhock Heir To The Throne “Wills”

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Barkley, Redbull, Katie and Emmie all grown up

The Puppies In Their New Homes — Barkley, Redbull, Katie and Emmie

As their new owners share puppy photos with us we will post them here every couple of weeks so you can see them grow up.

Week Twelve – Katie, AKA Pink Girl

Katie is fitting right in with the pack…in fact, she tries to do everything the big dogs do. She follows them everywhere and is full of confidence. She sleeps in her crate at night and goes into her kennel to pee and poop on the pee pad if the door to the outside is not open. Such a smartie pants! She has learned to dig in the new planting areas and chew on the furniture…BUT…she also understands “AH AH AH” and takes correction well…when we catch her in the act. She is going to her forever home this week and we will miss her!

Week Eleven – Katie, AKA Pink Girl

As Katie awaits her new family, she gets the run of the house and plenty of socialization with the big bichons and visitors to the house. Emma has taught her the Bichon Buzz and daddy Tom is totally spoiling her.

Week Ten – Getting ready to go to their new homes.

It’s a big week for everyone. The puppies are given “going home blankets” that they will sleep with as littermates throughout the week. Then they will each take one home the day they leave. Little Emmie is heading to her home in Maine and will get to travel with Deb for her maiden voyage. Her new mommy, Cindy, will meet her in Chicago and she will get a nice break before continuing her journey to Maine. Barkley will be heading to the Phoenix area and Redbull will be here in San Diego county. Katie gets to stay a bit longer and will head to Scottsdale, Arizona in a couple of weeks. They are all going to “Bichon Families” and that is always special!

Week Nine – More time outdoors

The puppies are now over 4 pounds each except for the little spitfire, Emmie, who is just over 3 pounds. They are getting time on the grooming table every day and are all behaving pretty well. Barkley complains whenever he hears the blow dryer, but that’s only about once a week. They are now pretty comfortable around the big bichons so they are getting more time outside the ex-pen inside the house. They LOVE to explore and really enjoy their time running around in the yard as well. Their brains have figured out exactly when it is feeding time (3 times a day plus 2 snacks) and they do not hesitate to remind us when it is time! By the end of next week they will begin leaving for their forever homes.

Week Eight – First puppy shots

The puppies are now all about 3 pounds and they all survived their first round of puppy shots without making much of a fuss. They are getting used to their grooming too…including the blow dryer. Their exercise pen has been expanded and they also get time outside every day. Their favorite toy is either the tunnel or the treat ball…they really love both. They love feeding time and treat time, then they play hard and crash and take a nap. They seem to know exactly when to wake up for a treat.
Playtime, 8 Weeks Old (duration 8:18)

Week Seven – Playtime and new toys

Playtime is their main focus this week. They wrestle with each other almost every waking moment. We introduced them to the tunnel, some soft tug toys and the treat ball. They got their microchips this week too. Enjoy the clips!

Week Six – First haircuts

Not much of a difference from last week. The puppies are able to climb in and out of their castle and are playing with each other more. They are still curious about the bigger dogs but are still too little to play with them. They are starting to get teeth so next week Dee Dee will probably stop nursing them so much. The big event of the week was their first haircuts. Now they look like little dogs and not little hampsters!
Click here to see the puppies first haircuts. (duration 2:54)

Week Five – Real food and a new play area

The puppies are beginning to be weaned from mommy Dee Dee, having their first tastes of real food. They are still nursing on occasion…and Dee Dee seems bored with that, but tolerates them since their teeth are not erupting yet. That will change next week! They are learning to use the water bottle and we continue to try to train them on the pee pads. Their newest play area includes their sandbox with noisy water bottles they can push around. They will soon be climbing in and out of that on their own. Their tails are all turned over on their backs and their coats are getting very long so we will plan to do their first haircuts next week.
Click here to see what the puppies were up to this week. (duration 5:05)

Week Four – More room to explore and play

The puppies were upgraded to new digs this week as we transitioned them from the playpen to a larger area so they could have more room to explore and play. They are still eating and sleeping most of the time, but are also starting to get trained on the pee pad and are playing with each other more and more each day.


Week Three – Eyes and ears are open and exploration begins.

The puppies eyes and ears are now fully open and they are starting to walk without dragging their bellies! They are responding to noises and are exploring whenever they are not sleeping. They continue to gain weight and are now all approaching 2 pounds. Their pigment is starting to fill in and their personalities are beginning to emerge. Yellow girl seems very outgoing, Red boy very calm, Pink mostly a couch potato and Black quite independent. Their daily exercises continue, but most of the time they are either nursing or sleeping.

Week Two – Puppy Exercises Begin

The puppies are gaining weight and all weigh over a pound. Their pigment is starting to fill in and their eyes and ears are starting to open. They are exploring their playpen more and responding to all the human touching they are receiving, especially during their daily puppy exercises. Dee Dee is leaving them on their own more and more, but is always close by. Watch the video to learn how we introduce Early Neurological Stimulation to give our pups an advantage that should benefit them for life.

The first week

Not much going on since their eyes and ears won’t open for a couple of weeks. The puppies had their dew claws removed this week and then they focused on gaining weight.  They have all doubled in size since they were born.  They are pretty active, roaming around the playpen when they are not eating or sleeping.  Soon they will begin their daily newborn exercises.

Click here to see Red boy demonstrate the effects of belly rubs (duration 2:28)

The birth day and first vet visit

Dee Dee’s first litter came at night and the delivery went relatively quickly. She had two boys and two girls, all weighing around 7 ounces. View the slideshow and read the captions to learn more.

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