Litter Diary: Emma’s Puppies Born 02/03/19

Dam: IntCH CH Shyladawn’s Hollyhock Ode To Chaminade “Emma”

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Sire: IntCH GCH CH Hollyhock Alfa Romeo “Romeo”

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More photos from home — Izzy, Frankie, Dottie, Crispin and Piper

The first year in their new homes — Izzy, Frankie, Dottie, Crispin and Piper

We look forward to receiving updates from our puppy owners as their little ones get acclimated to their new homes. We will do our best to update their litter diary each year.

Photos sent from their new homes — Izzy, Frankie, Dottie, Crispin and Piper

Frankie (blue boy) and Dottie (yellow girl) left for their homes in Utah this week. They were the last of this litter to leave and I’m sure Jack and Casey will miss them. As expected, their flight went well and they met their new families (including half-sister Molly) with much curiosity over new people and new places. It will be fun to watch these 3 musketeers grow up together. Molly is Jack’s sister so there’s a 10 week difference in their ages. I’m sure Molly will help teach Dottie the rules of the house. We received updates from their littermates throughout the week and have included some “photos from home” so you can see what they have been up to. We will post more incoming photos here every couple of months so you can continue to watch this litter grow up.

12 weeks old – And then there were two

Deb delivered Red boy from Tessa’s litter to Iowa this week so that left Yellow girl (now Dottie) and Blue boy (now Frankie) awaiting their turn to go home. They will be going to Utah in a few more weeks. Meanwhile, we received a few “photos from home” from Piper (orange girl) and Crispin (black boy). We’re hoping to get some from Misha (blue boy) for next week’s update.

11 weeks old – The pups start going to their new homes

This was a busy week with Deb flying Crispin (Black Boy) to his new home in New Hampshire and Izzy (Pink Girl), Piper (Orange Girl) and Tessa’s Blue Boy, Misha, all flying home with their new parents. Izzy will be in Kansas and Piper and Misha will be in the great North West. Next week Deb will take Little Chip (Tessa’s Red boy) to Iowa. That will give Blue boy and Yellow girl the run of the house! Sorry, there is no video this week…too busy with all the travel that was going on. Next week we hope to have some “photos from home” to share.

10 weeks old – Pool time and zooming!

A few of the pups from Tessa and Sparkles litters joined Emma’s pups this week as Deb was getting ready to fly with them to their new homes.
So, the headcount varied during the week. Jack kept them all busy and is teaching them to chase him. They ventured into the pool quite often this week. I hope the video doesn’t bore you. Next week a few more will depart to bring joy to their new families.

9 weeks old – First puppy shots and more outdoor fun

The pups had their first puppy shots this week and none of them complained a bit. They get lots of attention at our vet and it’s another great opportunity for socialization, separation from their mommy and another car ride. Back on the home front, the pups are really enjoying more freedom, both inside and outside. We introduced the ball pit outside and a more difficult puzzle for inside. They prefer their outdoor time, especially playing in the plants. Izzy (Pink girl) discovered a wet spot in one area and introduced it to the other pups. Thanks to her, most of them got a dip in the pool! We had some more visitors this week and planned for puppy departures to their new homes starting next week.

8 weeks old – More outdoor time and show prospect evaluations

It’s microchip week…and another excuse for a car ride. The pups are pretty good travelers by now…only one of them gets a little woozy, so we will continue to work on that. No one complained about getting their microchips…that was nice. This week the weather was great so they spent lots of time outside and they got plenty of “free exploration time” as Deb picked weeds in the back yard. Chipper and little Jack are the shepherds of the babies during free roaming time, with Emma always on a perch nearby observing. Blue took a dip in the pool this week…but Black pushed him! LOL! He only had to swim about 2 feet so he seemed unphased. Everyone now uses the doggie door…but with some coaxing. Yellow girl, the smallest, jumps right through it like it’s no big deal. Two of the pups met their new families this week and will be flying home in another week or so. This week’s video contains some extra clips of Blue boy and Yellow girl as we continue to evaluate our show prospects.

7 weeks old – Learning about tooth brushes and treat balls

This week the pups became much more active in their play which demanded more time outdoors and a bit more freedom in the yard. They love to wander and explore and little Jack helps them discover the various types of plants. Two of them took a swim while navigating the path around the pool (Pink and Yellow girls). There was no time to capture that on video with the rescue underway. Actually, Tom scooped up Yellow gir. and Pink/Izzy instinctively swam to the beach entry and shook off the water as if it was no big deal. All the pups LOVE their cream cheese tooth brush exercises after dinner and their are easily figuring out the treat ball in the middle of the morning. Lunches were served outside most days this week since the weather has been nice. Next week they will learn new puzzles and the doggie door. Pink and Blue have figured out the doggie door on their own, so I’m sure the others will soon follow their lead.

6 weeks old – First haircuts and more outdoor time

The weather was nice this week so the pups had more outdoor time. They don’t get to wander around the yard on their own yet, but they do seem to enjoy it when we let them explore the planted bedding areas. Toward the end of the week they had their first full grooming with baths in the big tub, experience with the blow dryer and some clipper and scissor trimming. We have no more little hamsters running around. They are so cute in their new “little dog” haircuts. Each pup weighed in between 2 and 3 pounds this week. They are not vigorous eaters and would still prefer to nurse. When they do eat their real food, they take their time and graze.

5 weeks old – New toys and getting more aggressive at playtime

We enlarged the puppy area a bit more since the playtime is getting more entertaining…and a bit aggressive. They are fun to watch as they get more brave with each other. Jack continues to entertain them…and we have had bad weather so they have not had any outdoor time yet. Perhaps next week we’ll be able to find an opportunity for that. The video is kind of long this week but it should give you a good look at each of them and how they are developing. Grab some comfort food and just sit back and enjoy the puppy fun.

4 weeks old – Eating real food and getting a larger play area

We enlarged the puppy area this week and they are learning to run and to play with each other and not just with toys. 14 week old Jack has taken an interest in the little pups and Pink is emerging as his buddy. He tolerates them for a short time…until they decide to try nursing…then we rescue him. Pink girl has also started demanding Tom’s attention, and he complies of course. We call Tom “the spoiler”.

3 weeks old – Learning to walk

Emma and her babies made the transition to Deb’s house this week. They are now each about a pound and a half and are learning to walk around and explore their living quarters. Emma is never far away, but she gives them some space and they are learning to be independent. Pink girl is emerging as the leader of the pack. She is curious and confident and likes to peer out of the kennel area to see what’s going on. Toward the end of the week they started to get the hang of eating and drinking from a bowl. Next week they will start playing more with each other and with bigger toys. Pee pad training has begun and with real food now part of their diet, Tom and Deb will constantly be on poop patrol.

2 weeks old – Eyes and ears start to open

Not much going on this week. Linda continues providing the puppies their daily Early Stimulation Exercises and keeps records of their weights. They are fully into the “baked potato stage” and are plumping up nicely. Orange girl was the first to open her eyes, Pink girl followed and now they are all open. This coming week they will start to try to get up on all 4 legs and move around. Linda will transition them to Deb’s house this week and Tom will oversee the little pack as Deb and Linda prepare for the big annual bichon specialty shows going on in San Diego this week. Next week we will post our first videos of this litter so stay tuned.

1 week old – Early Stimulation Exercises

The puppies continue to nurse and sleep most of the time. Their eyes and ears won’t open for another week. This week they had their second trip to the vet and had their dew claws removed. After a day to recover from that we began their “puppy exercises”. They are entering the “baked potato phase” where they are starting to plump up quite nicely. We are starting to see pigment fill in and we’re seeing nice coats developing. View the slideshow and read the captions to learn more. Watch the video to learn how we introduce Early Neurological Stimulation (aka puppy exercises) to give our pups an advantage that should benefit them for life.

The birth day and first vet visit

Emma’s litter arrived on Superbowl Sunday, a few days early, but an easy delivery and mom and babies are all doing great. In a few days they will have their dew claws removed and then begin their Early Neurological Stimulation exercises. Bookmark this page and watch for ongoing weekly updates.

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