Litter Diary: Lil’s Puppies Born 01/20/20

CH Hollyhock Go Figure CGC "Jack"

Hollyhock Racy Lady "Diamond Lil"

Dam: IntCH CH Hollyhock Racy Lady “Diamond Lil”

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Sire: CH Hollyhock Go Figure, CGC “Jack”

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The Fourth Week — Starting to play

The puppies were moved from the litter kennels to a larger “learn and play” area this week. They are all getting really comfortable walking around and navigating over and around the obstacles we introduce. They seem to love cuddling and they got lots of that this week. Lil seems to want to mother ALL the puppies and whenever any of Dee Dee’s pups appear to be in distress, Lil is on alert. She has a wonderful motherly instinct. Still, we will keep the litters separated for another week to be sure everyone is ready to play nicely together. Stay tuned for a potential “merge” of the litters next week.
The 4th Week. Learning to play (duration 12:27)

The Third Week — Starting to walk

The boys finished up their daily Early Neurological Stimulation exercises right about the time their eyes opened up. Within a few days they were taking their first baby steps. They are still pretty wobbly, but they are starting to roam around the kennel. We introduced the pee pad and they got the hang of it right away…taking a pee upon waking from their nap. We also introduced a “crackle toy” that they can walk over and feel and hear the noise. Socialization with family and the adult bichons continued. Next week we will move them to a larger area where they will have more space to stretch their legs and experience some more toys. Stay tuned.
The 3rd Week. Learning to walk (duration 8:14)

The second week — Socialization begins, Eyes start to open

This week was mostly about continuing their Early Neurological Stimulation exercises but we also began to introduce the pups to other family members…our kids and their girlfriends and then to our adult bichons.  There was a lot of “mutual sniffing” going on and everyone got along.  Lil even lets Jack inside her litter kennel and sometimes he naps with their babies.  Holly thinks all babies are HER babies and wants to play a role.  Well, they ARE her grandbabies, but she lets the mommies do their thing. By the end of the week Black and Blue began squinting and by day 14 their eyes were open each time we picked them up. It was a very exciting day.

The first week — Early Neurological Stimulation Exercises begin

This week the pups had their dew claws removed and then they began their Early Neurological Stimulation exercises. They have doubled their birth weights and they don’t do much other than nurse and sleep…and plump up. We like to say they are entering the “baked potato phase” this week as they are a robust handful. They are becoming more active and once their eyes and ears open up toward the end of this week, the videos will be more interesting. Sorry to bore you with this week’s rendition…not much to show for now.

The birth day and first vet visit

Lil and Jack welcomed 2 boys to the Hollyhock Bichon family early on Monday morning. She delivered her babies in about two and a half hours with absolutely no stress or complications. Her labor was a bit “vocal”, not unlike her mother, Holly.  After a short nap and snack we took her and her babies for a quick trip to the vet for their birth day wellness exam. For the first few days we will focus on making sure mommy and babies are gaining weight and peeing and pooping regularly. Then we’ll take another trip to the vet to have their dew claws removed.  Later this week we will begin their daily Early Neurological Stimulation exercises.  Stay tuned to this page (bookmark it now) for weekly updates and to follow the development of this litter.
Watch the video of Lil’s delivery day (duration 4:37)

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