Litter Diary: Puppies Born 01/19/17

Holly, May 2015

Dam: IntCH GCH CH Hollyhock SHE Returns “Holly”

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Sire: CH Belamour’s Sugardaddy “Romeo”

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Beau, Teddy and Sky – Photos from home

The puppies are now all in their new homes — Beau, Teddy and Sky 

As their new owners share photos with us we will post them here every couple of weeks so you can continue to watch them grow up.

11 weeks old – The Puppies Are Heading Home

Beau and Teddy are now in their new homes and Sky will be heading home this week.

10 weeks old

Beau, Teddy and Sky all learned their names this week and enjoyed playing with Emma and Dee Dee. They are getting ready to go to their new homes and are sleeping with their “going home blankets”. Teddy will be the first to leave and his new parents came for another visit this week. He seems to know they are his new family. Sky’s parents will visit this weekend and then Beau will meet his new family on Tuesday. We are blessed to have such wonderful bichon families to raise these amazing little beings.

9 weeks old

The focus this week was socialization with “outsiders” nearly every day including some special toddlers. They also got to explore the front yard and a new set of textures and smells, including real grass. Later in the week they went for their first round of puppy shots. A few of them have been named and Black boy is now Beau. Blue boy is Teddy and White Boy will be named soon. He will be the one we hope will carry on Holly’s legacy and earn his conformation titles.

8 weeks old

This week we traveled around town doing errands and giving the boys time to ride in the car. They really did well…no fussing and no motion sickness. They got their microchips and had a few more outside visitors when we did our temperament testing and show prospect testing. The results were pretty much as we had expected. Each of the boys are going to do great in their new homes, but one will be held back for a special show family so that Holly’s legacy will continue.

7 weeks old

With new teeth coming in, the boys enjoyed a variety of “dental experiences” this week, including introduction to tooth brushes and some digestible chews. They also got another bath and continued their daily grooming of cleaning their eyes and brushing their coats. Toenails grow at a fast rate at this age so they got those clipped twice this week. Another big accomplishment was learning to use the doggie door. They started playing with “noisy things” like the crackling tunnel, treat balls, and any old crumbled paper. They don’t care much for the lick-it water bottle and prefer the “big dog water bowls”. They are very good, but not perfect, with doing their potty business outside on the grass. Most of all they LOVE human attention at this age and we have to be careful not to carry them around too much. They are BIG CUDDLERS.

6 weeks old

What a busy week for the boys. They had their first baths, blow dry and little boy haircuts…and all without a peep of complaining. I guess the daily grooming rituals are paying off. They also got larger play areas both inside and outside. The weather is nice so we are letting them have more and more outdoor time. They love to explore. Dee Dee continues to chaperone the boys and Holly is liking nursing them less and less as their baby teeth are coming in.

5 weeks old

This was a transition week for the boys. They got larger play areas, were introduced to new noises and small toys and Blue boy got started on “real food”. Later in the week they were moved to Deb’s house where they began their daily grooming, started eating real food, and were introduced to more adult bichons. They also had a chance to go outdoors for the first time. The most interesting thing that happened this week was seeing Dee Dee become kind of a surrogate mother to the boys. Her latest litter just left for their new homes and now Holly’s litter is here. Dee Dee is very attentive to them and Holly allows it. Dee Dee takes naps with them and plays gently with them. It is fascinating to watch.

4 weeks old

This week the boys got fairly steady on their feet but they haven’t graduated to their new play area yet. They were exposed to sudden noises and they also started playing with each other and making cute grumbling noises. Mr. Blue even started to bark orders and appears to be either insecure or in charge! This weekend we will get them into a larger play area and throw in some empty water bottles and small toys.

3 weeks old

The boys are now moving around and exploring their pen. Holly is giving them more time on their own, but is still the best bichon mommy ever! You can see they had just spotty pigment on their toes at the beginning of the week. But check out how black their eyes are and their pigment is just a few days later. Good boys! This week their exercises consist of brief loud noises and louder routine noises around the house. They are responding with confidence! Next week we will move them to a larger area so they can walk on new surfaces and perhaps have to navigate around some empty water bottles and small toys.

2 weeks old

The boys eyes and ears are just beginning to open up. As a result, they are making some initial noises and are starting to crawl around and explore more. Linda continues to do their Early Neurological Stimulation exercises each day.

1 week old

The puppies continue to nurse and sleep most of the time. Their eyes and ears won’t open for another week, but this week we begin their “puppy exercises” and they will start “feeling” the world beyond mommy’s furry belly. View the slideshow and read the captions to learn more. Watch the video to learn how we introduce Early Neurological Stimulation to give our pups an advantage that should benefit them for life.

The birth day and first vet visit

Watch the video of the puppies being born on 01/19/17 (duration 2:27)

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