Our Puppies

20150702_113927cWe work with a small group of reputable breeders that follow stringent breeding protocols.  Even if all of our Hollyhock puppies are already placed, we are happy to be a resource for you in helping you find a puppy or retired show dog from one of our breeder associates. Just complete our Puppy Application and we will contact you to let you know which breeders have bichons available, dates they were born, and health information about the parents.

Our current litters have been assigned to families already on our waiting list. Our placement process gives priority to families wishing to show their bichon to attain their Champion title and to families that already have (or have had) bichons.   We still consider all applications so please contact us if you are looking for a bichon bred for optimum health and conformation to the breed standard. To get on our waiting list for our 2021 litter or to ask us for a referral to one of our breeder associates, please complete our     puppy application  and we will send you additional information.

Our Litter Diaries

A key part of our breeding program is educating prospective puppy owners about what happens with our puppies from the time they are born to the time they go home…and even beyond that. To that end, we provide our new puppy owners an online Owner Resource Library and we assign them “homework reading” to complete before they bring their puppy home. We document each litters growth and development in a weekly posting of photos, videos and a short narrative so they can see how each litter is developing. These are our Litter Diaries. If prospective puppy owners live close enough, they are welcome to visit the litter once the pups are five weeks old. Depending on the applicant and puppy, puppies will start going to their new homes between 10 and 14 weeks of age. Once they get home, we ask the owners to send us photos so that we can update their litter diary and they can also see how their pup’s siblings are doing. It’s a nice way to connect all of our Hollyhock Bichon owners.

To see our most recent litter diaries, click the links below:
Litter Diary: Puppies Born 08/22/20 to Lil and Jack

Please note:  We anticipate two litters from Jack and Romeo that will be ready to go to new homes in December, 2020.  If you are interested in showing your bichon or are grieving the loss of a bichon, please complete an application to be considered for priority placement from one of our next litters.

To see past Litter Diaries, select any of these links
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      01/19/17      03/13/17      08/06/17       08/14/17       08/25/17       05/11/18 (a)       05/11/1 (b)       05/11/18 (c)
      11/23/18      02/03/19      01/20/20      01/23/20     

Puppy Gallery

Questions?  Send email to:   info@hollyhockbichons.com  or  Call Deb Gibb:   858-531-2890