Our Mentors

It takes a village…
We rear our puppies using Dr. Carmen Battaglia’s Early Neurological Stimulation,  as well as natural handling, environmental enrichment and a wealth of socialization opportunities before sending them off to their forever homes.   Our day-to-day rearing models Jane Killion’s Puppy Culture principles.  We feed and care for our bichons using Dr. Jean Dodd’s minimal vaccination protocol, whole and natural foods and holistic medicinal approaches.

To get a better idea of the philosophies that guide us in the day-to-day decisions we make with our bichons, visit the websites of these well respected veterinarians and dog experts.

Contact Us

Send email to:   info@hollyhockbichons.com  or   contact Linda Rowe at 619-997-8914 or Deb Gibb at 858-531-2890