New International Champions

Congratulations to 3 new Hollyhock bichons for achieving their International Champion titles at the recent IABCA shows in Ontario, California.


IntCH Hollyhock Does Your Mother Know “Lily”

Best Of Breed Bred By Exhibitor in 3 shows




IntCH Scarlet’s In The Midst Of Hollyhock “Misty”

Winner’s Bitch in 3 shows and Best Of Breed in 1 show




IntCH Hollyhock Heir To The Throne “Wills”

Winner’s Dog in 3 shows and Best Of Breed and Group 3



This European style of judging provides a written critique of each dog and how the judge feels the dog conforms to the breed standard. After the critique session, the judge evaluates the dogs against the other dogs in the ring much like at a regular AKC show. While no points are awarded toward their AKC Champion Title, it is a nice exercise for breeders and show families to hear how the judges felt about their dogs. A dog needs to receive a “Very Excellent” rating at 3 shows and by 3 different judges to earn the International Champion Title.