Lucie – New Hollyhock Champion

Congratulations to Lucie, HOLLYHOCK MY HEART STOOD STILL, for finishing her Champion title this past weekend at the Summerfest shows in Camarillo, California.

Lucie finished fast with 4 Majors, and swept the majors all 3 days at Summerfest. She finished on Sunday with an extra Major, her first toward her Grand Champion title. You go girl!

Lucie is the daughter of Hollyhock’s Holly and Wills, both Grand Champions, and we hope she will pursue her Grand Champion title after some R&R with Mom and Dad. Many thanks to Allan Chambers for showing her at her best and to Jewel and Jeff Weien, her owners, for allowing us to show off another special Hollyhock Bichon.

See more of Lucie by visiting her web page and photo gallery.