Hollyhock says goodbye to Austin

Austin RIP 2000-20018Baby Austin in 2000Austin RIP 2000-20018Austin RIP 2000-20018Austin and Travis Farrow

Today we learned of the loss of Hollyhock Lake Of Silver, “Austin“, born 1/8/2000 and went to the rainbow bridge on 2/13/2018.  Here are some photos of Austin and a note from his mom, Debra Farrow.  RIP Austin.

Sweet Austin passed away on January 13, 2018.  He died peacefully in his sleep. He was 18 years and 5 days old.

Austin was a happy dog and lived “The life of Riley” with absolutely no health issues and he never missed a meal!   I can’t help but believe Austin somehow channeled the Westminster judges to award Flynn the win for 2018.  JR and Flynn are the bookends to his sweet Bichon life.

Austin was a loyal companion to the end.  I will always be grateful to Diana McFarlane and Linda Rowe for their expertise and friendship.

Debra Farrow