Savannah_17_320Born on April 17, 2007, Savannah “Banana” as we fondly call her, was surrendered by a back yard breeder that had 3 simultaneous litters and was overwhelmed. 

Little Savannah was the runt of one of the litters and with all those other puppies, she was unable to get her share of the food. She was barely a pound at 6 weeks old and her owner was thankful that we would take her and give her the extra care she needed. Today we call her our “chunky monkey” and she’s healthy and happy. She’s still a bit shy and reserved around other dogs…but…put her around any humans, and she will jump and roll submissively for your attention. She’s definitely a people lover.

In early 2016 a family friend needed some comfort after losing both her husband and then her beloved dog. Enter Savannah…the ultimate companion. After a week visiting with our friend Sylvia, it was clear that Savannah had found her calling and that Sylvia would cherish her. So now, Savannah is living with our dear friend and doing what bichons do best…spreading her love.

~ Deb