IntCH GCH CH Hollyhock Alpha Romeo

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Romeo made his debut in the conformation show ring when he was just 6 months old at the 2018 Bichon Frise Club of San Diego specialty shows. His mommy and daddy, Anne and Tony, hid from his view while Romeo seemed to take all the commotion in stride. His groomer/handler Haemi took him through the paces and little Romeo took home Best Opposite Puppy in Sweepstakes and in the classes that day. Not a bad first day for this little man.

Romeo seems to like the show ring. He completed his Champion title in 2018 and his Grand Champion and International Champion titles in 2019. Handled by his Breeder/Owner Handler, Deb Gibb, this duo became the #1 Owner Handled Bichon Frise in the country for 2019.
Romeo: Orlando, 2019 (duration 6:17)
~ Deb, Linda and Anne and Tony Platt