rowe_polly201408_195153620_320Polly had a tough start. She was found wandering the streets in San Bernardino with her 12 week old puppy at her side. The rescue group I work with, Bichon Rescue Brigade, saved them and I, always a sucker for strong moms, agreed to foster them. The puppy was a delight, having no idea how close he had come to being euthanized. Polly on the other hand was terrified and trusted no one. She would not allow me to touch her or even take food from my hand for more than six months.

Slowly, very slowly Polly began to come to me. Her baby boy was adopted and has a happy family and I guess she decided I was not going to betray her. Now she gets along well with the other dogs and climbs into my lap all on her own.

~ Linda