Dee Dee’s puppies arrive


For a first time mommy, Dee Dee took the entire event in stride, delivering her 2 girls and 2 boys right on time and in only a couple of hours.  Everyone is active and strong and nursing well.  They have had their initial wellness check and are now resting and gaining weight.

As you follow their litter diary we will post their photos in the order they were born.  Pink Girl, Red Boy, Yellow Girl, and Black Boy.  As of this morning everyone weighed in at 7 ounces, except for Yellow Girl who is 5 and a half ounces.  Pink Girl is an expert at nursing…and seems to eat more than she sleeps.  Red Boy seems to like to wander around in the playpen already.  Black Boy gave us a little challenge during the delivery and came out feet first.  Yellow girl is smaller but “pushy” and has no trouble finding her food source.   

We will post weekly updates on their Litter Diary web page.