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Jack, Jellybean and Holly win at the BFCSD Specialty shows

Congratulations to IntCH GCH CH Hollyhock SHE Returns “Holly” and her grandkids, CH Hollyhock Go Figure “Jack” and CH Hollyhock Madam Secretary “Jellybean” for their recent wins at the Bichon Frise Club Of San Diego’s annual Specialty Shows in Del

Hollyhock at the 2019 BFCSD Specialty

This year Hollyhock was represented at the Bichon Frise Club of San Diego’s 50th and 51st specialty shows by 8 year old IntCH GCH CH Hollyhock SHE Returns “Holly” and her son, 18 month old CH Hollyhock Alfa Romeo “Romeo”.

Holly shows off at the San Diego specialty shows

Congratulations to Holly (GCH Hollyhock SHE Returns) for stepping back in the show ring after taking some time off to produce some wonderful puppies. At the 2018 Bichon Frise Club Of San Diego specialty shows Holly surprised us by taking

Holly and Romeo’s puppies have arrived

Sunday morning Holly decided she might as well bring these pups into the world. After all, Linda had called Deb to say she was in labor and Deb seemed to be getting so nervous the past few days. So, within

Holly’s puppies arrive

Holly’s litter arrived a few days early, as expected after viewing her x-ray earlier in the week.  She delivered 3 robust and active boys in less than 1 hour of total labor.   Everyone is active and strong and nursing well.  They

Holly’s puppies arrive

Well, these little ones decided to come a few days early, but by the size of them, they were ready! Holly and Wills created four robust and very active babies on 12/29/15, 1 boy and 3 girls, each weighing between

Puppies have arrived

Born 5/29/15, Five boys from Holly and Huey. All spoken for and have wonderful bichon owners anxious to take them home. Click HERE to see their photos and track their progress

Holly poses for her Bichon Pictorial Review photo

IntCH GCH CH Hollyhock SHE Returns Holly at 4 years old, pregnant, and posing for her Pictorial photo. Holly marks the return of Hollyhock to the show ring. She finished quickly at the age of 17 months with 9 wins

Bukie goes home

Hollyhock Dancing Queen “BUKIE” Owned by Rick and Tammy Mars and their bichon, Kebu. We will see her often as she will be living close by in Oceanside and will also be in training for her conformation title.

Puppies Are Here

Born 6/4/14 2 girls Weighing in at 6 3/8 ounces and 5 3/4 ounces Click HERE to see their photos and track their progress