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Emma’s litter has arrived

Congratulations to our Miss Emma and her sire Romeo on the arrival of 2 boys and 3 girls on Superbowl Sunday! Emma seemed in no hurry to get these babies delivered but she pulled it off in time for us

Emma and Sky’s puppies have arrived

Friday after dinner Emma kept cruising from doggie bed to doggie bed, nesting in every comfy corner she could find. Deb kept a watchful eye and eventually she disappeared from view. She found her in a whelping box Deb had

Emma and Riser’s puppies arrive

Friday morning Emma decided something was up and she didn’t feel like breakfast. She did some “nesting” in various spots at Momma Linda’s house and finally settled into the official nesting box for a nap. Within minutes her contractions started

Emma – New Champion

Congratulations for our youngest girl, IntCH CH SHYLADAWN’S HOLLYHOCK ODE TO CHAMINADE “Emma”, for completing her Champion title under the guidance of her handler, Allan Chambers, at the recent Black Mountain Kennel Club shows near Las Vegas, Nevada.  Thank you

Emma gets 2 Majors in one weekend

Congratulations to Emma, Shyladawn’s Hollyhock Ode To Chaminade, for a great weekend at the Santa Ana Valley Kennel Club shows where she took back-to-back majors and is now just inches from the finish line toward completing her Champion title.  Lookin’

Emma gets her first Champion points

Congratulations to “Emma” (Shyladawn’s Hollyhock Ode To Chaminade) for getting her first points toward her Champion title.  Emma was Winner’s Bitch at the Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club shows in Bremerton, Washington on Sunday. Handled by Shyla Newton, her breeder, Emma

Emma attains her International Champion title

Congratulations to our Miss Emma for attaining her International Champion title this past weekend. The judges critiques used words like “nice front carriage” and “beautiful movement” and “elegant”. Not bad for a 16 month old girl. IntCH Shyladawns Hollyhock Ode

Emma, Wills and Misty Match Day

It was a beautiful day in the park for the Del Sur Kennel Club’s AKC Sanctioned B Match this past weekend and the Bichon Frise Club of San Diego made a nice contribution with 6 youngsters in attendance, all handled by

Emma training awards

Congratulations to our youngest bichon, Emma, for completing her Basic Obedience class and earning her AKC Star Puppy Award.  She is a little smarty pants!

Misty, Wills and Emma AKC Match Results

It was a HOT HOT HOT time at the Silver Bay Kennel Club AKC Sanctioned All Breed Match this weekend. The Bichons were represented by the Hollyhock Bichon youngsters with Deb Gibb, Linda Rowe and Jr. Handler Mara Hughes taking them