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Dee Dee gets 2 Majors in Yuma

What a wonderful way to celebrate a Thanksgiving weekend away from home! We took Dee Dee and Cooper to 4 days of dog shows in Yuma Arizona and had a great time. The babies, Misty and Wills, came along for

Dee Dee gets her International Champion Title

Congratulations to Dee Dee for attaining her IABCA International Champion title. IntCH HOLLYHOCK DAZZLE & DELIGHT Breeder: Wilson Ramirez Bichon friends Millie and Lizzy also got their titles this weekend. IntCH CH SHE BICHONS THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE IntCH SHE BICHONS

Dee Dee graduates from pre-agility class

Congratulations little Miss Dee Dee upon the completion of your first formal training class. We think you might be destined for Agility competition since we can’t seem to slow you down!

Dee Dee gets her first points

Dee Dee had a nice weekend at the Cabrillo Kennel Club shows and, at just shy of 11 months old, earned her first 3 points toward her Champion title.  Way to go little one! On Saturday she was 1st in

Dee Dee wins Best In Sweepstakes

2014 Bichon Frise Club of San Diego Annual Specialty Show Hollyhock Dazzle And Delight “Dee Dee” BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES Thank you judge Camille Bakker!

Dee Dee joins the Hollyhock family

Welcome Hollyhock Dazzle And Delight We have been very impressed with the breeding being done with Karmel Bichons so we decided to add one of their little gems to the Hollyhock family. Visit Dee Dee’s webpage to see more photos.