Year: 2011

Holly says goodbye to Barbara Stubbs

One last visit with Barbara Stubbs before sending Holly off to Finishing School.

Holly’s fourth puppy match

Del Sur Kennel Club, 11/20/2011 Awards: First in Class Best of Breed Non-Sporting Group Second

Holly’s third puppy match

Temecula Kennel Club, 10/08/2011 Lake Skinner Regional Park, Temecula, CA Judge:  Joe Waterman Awards:  First in Class, Best of Breed

Holly’s second puppy match

Silver Bay Kennel Club, 9/18/2011 Awards: First in Class Best of Breed Non-Sporting Group First

Holly’s First Haircut

     Birth mother, Sharon Hunkins, gives Holly her first haircut…then it was home to momma Deb’s house…she was pooped!

Holly’s first puppy match

Bahia Sur Kennel Club, 6/18/11 Awards: First in Class Best Opposite Sex

Holly becomes a pet food ambassador

Holly posing with her favorite pet food…My Perfect Pet food.  Holly’s parents, Audrey and Bogie, were both eating this REAL FOOD when she was conceived.  Then Holly was weaned on the My Perfect Pet Buckaroo Blend.   Holly has never

Holly goes home

     Holly became the new foundation bitch for the return of the Hollyhock Kennel.  Having been on haitus for about 10 years, it was time to begin a new line of bichons.  Linda Rowe and Diana MacFarlane took Deb Gibb

Holly and her sisters

Taken at about 5 weeks old, Holly was the BIG GIRL in the middle.   She became HOLLYHOCK SHE RETURNS and her sisters are SHE Bichons Maggie Mae and SHE Bichons Annie Berryman.