We feed a combination diet of lightly cooked real food and sometimes raw food and kibble products. Our daily routine is usually “cereal for breakfast” and a ‘home cooked meal for dinner”. We occasionally add “toppers” in the form of one of the following: steamed and diced yams, green beans or broccoli, boiled diced beef liver, hard boiled eggs, canned sardines in water, and raw extra lean ground beef.

Fresh, Frozen Food — My Perfect Pet Food Products

My Perfect Pet Food, (Buckaroo Blend for puppies) …Real Food, Lightly Cooked, Frozen, and comes in convenient “bars” (like little meat loaves) so it’s easy to keep fresh and to divide into proper portions. ALL HUMAN INGREDIENTS…but perfectly balanced for a dog’s daily nutritional requirements.

Use their Store Locator to find where to buy it in your area. You can also buy it online.

Make your own cookies from the same REAL FOOD INGREDIENTS. Just thaw out several bars of My Perfect Pet Food (we prefer using the Hunter’s Blend) and cut into 8 pieces. Roll like a meatball. Place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Bake at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes.
They will look and smell a bit like tater tots. Cool and freeze. Adults may want to dip them in catsup or bbq sauce when they are still toasty. These make a great device for administering medication too.  Just insert a pill or squirt in the liquid medicine into a thawed cookie and your dog will gobble it down.

Kibble and Raw Food Products We Like

We typically purchase our dog related products from or

If you want to try a raw diet, we like dehydrated raw products made by I And Love And You or Sojos. The ingredients are chunkier than some alternative raw options and it they re-hydrate to a nice texture.

When it comes to kibble, we like The Dog Food Adviser’s recommendations. We also like to stick to “cool” or “neutral” proteins for bichons. Cool proteins include white fish, rabbit, and duck. Neutral proteins include turkey, beef, tripe, mackerel, salmon, sardines and tuna. Our choice for a high quality kibble for puppies and pregnant bitches would be I And Love And You brand, Naked Essentials Puppy Formula. An alternative for “all life stages” would be the I And Love And You brand, Simply Sea recipe or Nature’s Logic, Acana and Zignature brands.

PLEASE DO NOT BUY LARGE BAGS OF KIBBLE. Like cereal, it will go rancid faster. Buy smaller bags and keep them air tight to preserve freshness.

Food and Water Dishes

We prefer stainless steel (with anti-slip bottoms) and Ceramic dishes. Please do not use plastic for food or water dispensing. Notice the low edges on the stainless steel food dish. That helps to keep less food from clinging to their muzzle hair. For the slow feeder bowls, the Extra Small is too small for an adult bichon but the Small size is just right.