Litter Diary: Dee Dee’s Puppies Born 11/23/18

CH Hollyhock Alfa Romeo

Dam: IntCH CH Hollyhock Dazzle And Delight “Dee Dee”

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Sire: CH Hollyhock Alfa Romeo “Romeo”

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The second week — Baked Potatoes !

Linda continues with the Early Neurological Stimulation exercises for the pups and they continue to nurse and gain weight. The transformation this week has been remarkable and they all weighed in at over a pound. No more “tater tots” in this little batch of babies. By Friday, their eyes and ears were starting to open. They are becoming more vocal as they start to hear the noises of their surroundings. Next week they should be starting to travel around and get up on all four legs.
Eyes and ears are starting to open (duration 3:36)

The first week — Early Neurological Stimulation Exercises begin

Linda took Dee Dee and her pups to have their dew claws removed this week and then they began their Early Neurological Stimulation exercises. They have nearly doubled their birth weights and don’t do much other than nurse and sleep…and plump up. We refer to them as little tater tots this week. Next week they will become little baked potatoes! As they become more active and once their eyes and ears open up, the videos will be more interesting. Sorry to bore you with this week’s rendition…not much to show for now.

The birth day and first vet visit

Dee Dee and Romeo welcomed 4 boys and 1 girl to the Hollyhock Bichon family the morning after Thanksgiving. She delivered her babies in about 3 hours with absolutely no stress or complications. Dee Dee just loves having babies and is a great mommy.  She gobbled down a little snack and then we took her and her babies for a quick trip to the vet for our birthday wellness exam. The vet just loves our puppy visits and Dee Dee seems proud to show off her litter. Dee Dee and her babies are nursing at momma Linda’s house and will begin their puppy exercises after they get their dew claws removed this week. Stay tuned to this page (bookmark it now) for weekly updates and follow the development of this litter.
Watch the video of the very active puppies just minutes after they were born (duration 0:53)

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