Litter Diary: Puppies Born 08/25/17

Dam: IntCH CH Shyladawn’s Hollyhock Ode To Chaminade “Emma”

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Sire: CH Shyladawn’s Soleil Here Comes the Son “Riser”

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The Sixth Week

The boys are 6 weeks old now…and playing quite a bit more with the older puppies. They are starting to become much more bold at playtime but they also tire easily and still sleep more than the other puppies. They are enjoying the ball pit and playing with their mommy. Emma is being a really great first time mommy. Enjoy the video.

The Fifth Week

Are they really 5 weeks old already? Geez, time is flying by! Red and Green had their first baths and haircuts this week. They were excellent for the entire process. They seemed a bit confused at the “new feeling” of not having their thick coats. They are nursing less and eating real food now, and we let them play more with the bigger puppies. They will tell us when it’s time to retreat to their own sanctuary. Emma is really enjoying playing with them…and nursing them less now that their teeth are starting to come in. Enjoy the video.

The Fourth Week

Emma’s boys were moved to new quarters at the Gibb ranch this week. They enjoyed meeting the other puppies and getting started on real food. They still sleep and nurse most of the time…with occasional clumsy playtime. They are just beginning to get more comfortable on all 4 legs.

The Third Week

Emma’s boys opened their eyes and ears at the beginning of the week and started to wobble around more in their playpen. We moved them to a larger play area where they will learn to walk better, roam around more and start discovering new toys. Being in Linda’s sun room they will hear new noises, including birds, weather, the vacuum cleaner, music and the television. They will get lots of stimulation for sure. Emma continues to be a good first time mommy and helps them with each new transition.

2 weeks old

Emma’s boys continued their puppy exercises this week. Other than that, and some nail trimming, it was a very uneventful week. On day 14, as expected, both boys started squinting and opening their eyes. That was fairly short lived, as they still prefer to just nurse and sleep. This same day they took a little ride to visit Holly and Dee Dee and their babies. All 3 mommies are just doing great and it was interesting to see how they all cared for each other’s babies without any fussing or protective gestures. In fact, Dee Dee made it a point to check out Emma’s kids when they arrived, and apparently approved so we let them hang out in Dee Dee’s kennel area with her pups.

1 week old

The puppies had their dew claws removed and displayed the expected whining. Emma was a bit concerned but as soon as everyone was home, she was happy and everyone slipped back into their routine of napping and nursing. This week Linda began their “puppy exercises”. Toward the end of the week their eyes and ears will start to open. For now, all they do is smell and feel and they don’t understand much beyond mommy’s furry belly. View the slideshow and read the captions to learn more. Watch the video to learn how we introduce Early Neurological Stimulation to give our pups an advantage that should benefit them for life.

The birth day and first vet visit

Emma and Riser welcomed 2 boys to the Hollyhock Bichon family in just over 1 hour of easy labor. Since it was Emma’s first litter, she was a little subdued and not sure what was going on, but she just went with the flow and nature took it’s course. Mommy and babies are nursing at Momma Linda‚Äôs house and Monday they will have their dew claws removed. Then they will begin their daily puppy exercises. Today’s priority is having a small lunch and then taking a nap!
Watch the video of Emma and Riser’s puppies being born (duration 2:17)

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