Litter Diary: Puppies Born 08/06/17

Holly, May 2015

Dam: IntCH GCH CH Hollyhock SHE Returns “Holly”

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Sire: CH Belamour’s Sugardaddy “Romeo”

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6 weeks old – Their first bath

It was another challenging week dealing with the yellow jackets, but the puppies did enjoy spending more time roaming freely in the house and playing with their “neighbors”, Dee Dee’s puppies. They learned to eat out of a larger food dish, learned to use the water bottle and they are using their designated pee spot about 50% of the time. The big event this week was getting their first bath and blow dry. They were all GREAT in the tub and with the blow dryer. We will do weekly baths and increase their daily grooming to include brushing and combing. Next week we may give them their first haircuts.

5 weeks old – Outdoor play and socialization with other puppies

This week the puppies gained more confidence as we let them wander out of their enclosure and into the main living area. We started teaching them how to go to the door that lets them get outside. They can’t quite go in and out on their own yet, but it won’t be long and they will even be learning to use the doggie door. We also let them play a little each day with Dee Dee’s litter who are a week younger than them. It was fun to watch them interact. When they were all tired out, they ended up in puppy piles according to their litter mates. Somehow each group knew which ones were supposed to be together…fascinating!

4 weeks old – Playing with each other and learning to eat

The puppies had lots of new experiences this week. They started playing with small toys and with each other. They were much more aware of their surroundings and were curious whenever people or dogs approached their kennel. Dee Dee and her puppies moved into Holly’s old spot and we moved Holly’s pups to the more open area where they would experience more noise and traffic. Holly and Dee Dee continue to be good mothers and are aware of each other’s babies…both going to check on things whenever anyone is whining. Holly’s puppies were exposed to various “deliberate noises” this week and we also started them on goat’s milk and small bits of food. They are learning to pee and poop on the puppy pad just outside their kennel. They typically have to pee after a nap, so we start them out this way. Soon we will move the pee pad to a corner and they will have to follow the scent to their pee spot. On their 4 week birth day we took them all for a ride in the car. No special occasion…just because Deb needed a Starbucks Iced Chai Tea Latte and Holly needed a change of scenery!

3 weeks old – Eyes and ears open up and walking begins

It was a BIG AWAKENING for the puppies this week. On day 14 they all opened up their eyes. Throughout the week their ears started to open and they became more reactive to the general noises of the house. We moved them to their new play area where the floor is more rigid and they immediately began to get up on all four legs and explore their surroundings. They seemed to instinctively know that their crate is a safe spot and they go in and out of it at their leisure. Holly joins them inside the crate to snuggle and sometimes to nurse them. They have completed their daily puppy exercises and we have begun daily grooming (toenails and eye massages). They are also getting lots of human hand holding during TV time, and occasional trips outside with their humans…and mommy Holly not far behind.

2 weeks old – Fattening up and doing more exercises

This week the puppies continued their Early Stimulation Exercises and we started handling them more each day. They still spend most of their time nursing, but they have started being more vocal and crawling around when Holly isn’t nearby. Once we see them up on all four legs, we’ll move them to a bigger play area. On day 14 all of them opened their eyes for the first time. Next week their ears should be fully open and we will start exposing them to a variety of noises.

1 week old – Early Stimulation Exercises

The puppies continue to nurse and sleep most of the time. Their eyes and ears won’t open for another week, but this week we began their “puppy exercises”. They are entering the “baked potato phase” where they are starting to plump up quite nicely. We are starting to see pigment fill in and we’re seeing nice coats developing. View the slideshow and read the captions to learn more. Watch the video to learn how we introduce Early Neurological Stimulation (aka puppy exercises) to give our pups an advantage that should benefit them for life.

The birth day and first vet visit

Holly and Romeo’s puppies came just one day early and without much fan fare. She always seems to make things appear to be “routine”, and her recovery after giving birth is just amazing. She is a very attentive mommy. The pups will have their dew claws removed this week and then Linda will begin working with each one as they experience their daily puppy exercises. Other than that, they will just eat, sleep and gain weight.

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