Litter Diary: Puppies Born 03/13/17

Dam: IntCH CH Scarlet’s In The Midst of Hollyhock “Misty”

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Sire: IntCH GCH CH Karmel’s Come And Get It “Getty”

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6 weeks old – Playtime and Noise Desensitization

This week’s focus was noise desensitization and playtime. The weather varied between 75 and 90 degrees and we had winds some days. The pups are not allowed to wander in the yard yet, but they did enjoy being outside. It is helping with the potty training too. We take them out after each meal and each nap. Sometimes they even eat outside. They were desensitized to a variety of new noises, some deliberate (pots and pans dropped on the floor, vacuum cleaner, doorbell) and some natural (garbage truck, fire truck, roosters, barking). They seem to take it all in stride. Next week we will give them their first haircuts and playtime will include roaming the yard and integrating with the bigger bichons.

5 weeks old – Real food and more space to play

The pups moved to Deb’s house this week where they started on real food and were moved to their larger play area. They will start going outside now and have had their first steps on grass. The potty training will continue with both indoor and outside options. Misty is nursing them less as they eat on their own more. They also got their first baths this week and they were excellent during that entire process…even the blow drying!

4 weeks old – Sights and Sounds and Walking Around

This week the puppies all started finding their legs and began to roam around more in their playpen. We will be moving them into bigger quarters. They are also playing with each other a bit and Misty is giving them more and more time to themselves. Linda is introducing all kinds of new sounds, both routine and then some startling ones. Next week we will probably start transitioning them to real food. Note: Purple and Pink are mixed up in this video. They took off their own scarfs and we put them back on the wrong pups just before we let them out to play…good thing one is a girl and we noticed our error!

3 weeks old – Eyes and Ears are open and puppies fatten up

The puppies are getting plump. We call this the “baked potato” stage. They are fattening up because they spend all their time nursing and sleeping. They are all about a pound and a half…except the gold boy we call a Hunk Of Burnin’ Love. He is almost 2 pounds. They are just starting to figure out how to get up on all 4 legs. Next week they will get a larger play pen and will start roaming around more. Misty is being a great mommy and has started giving them more time alone…but is always within sight of them.

2 weeks old – Eyes and Ears begin to open

This week the puppies continued their Early Stimulation Exercises. Their eyes and ears began to open up and they are crawling around and exploring more of their pen, away from mommy. Next week they should be able to get up on all four legs and will also be hearing more so we will start exposing them to a variety of noises. The birds and other dogs at Linda’s house will assist with that!

1 week old – Early Stimulation Exercises

The puppies continue to nurse and sleep most of the time. Their eyes and ears won’t open for another week, but this week we begin their “puppy exercises” and they will start “feeling” the world beyond mommy’s furry belly. View the slideshow and read the captions to learn more. Watch the video to learn how we introduce Early Neurological Stimulation to give our pups an advantage that should benefit them for life.

The Birth Day and First Vet Visit

Misty’s first litter arrived a few days early and her little belly was FULL with 4 big babies. After a breach birth of the first boy, the others arrived without incident and mommy and babies are doing fine.
Misty’s first labor and delivery (duration 7:40)

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