Halle goes to the Rainbow Bridge

CH Cache’s Hallelujah Hollyhock  “Halle”
Sire:  CH King’s Cross Sachay Gone South
Dam:  CH Joline’s Madison Avenue

Today Linda made the decision to give sweet Halle her final birthday gift and let her pass over to the Rainbow Bridge. She was a loving companion to Linda for 18 years (3/27/2001 to 3/27/2019). RIP sweet Halle.

Emma’s litter has arrived

InchCH CH Shyladawn's Hollyhock Ode To ChaminadeInchCH CH Shyladawn's Hollyhock Ode To ChaminadeInchCH CH Shyladawn's Hollyhock Ode To Chaminade

Congratulations to our Miss Emma and her sire Romeo on the arrival of 2 boys and 3 girls on Superbowl Sunday! Emma seemed in no hurry to get these babies delivered but she pulled it off in time for us to relax and enjoy the Superbowl. Pink girl, the first to arrive, was full of herself from the get go…a future cheerleader perhaps?
Bookmark the page at this link to follow Emma’s Superbowl day litter diary.

Sparkles first litter has arrived

CH Scarlets White Diamond Of Lotus CH Scarlets White Diamond Of Lotus

Congratulations to Sparkles and Getty on their first litter. Sparkles had a restless night last Monday and delivered 2 girls and 2 boys the next morning. Mommy and babies are all doing fine. Tessa, Sparkles’ roommate, is nearby with her 5 pups and both mothers seem to have a common bond as it is the first time for each of them. Lily Lee, their human mommy is attentive to their every need and seems to be enjoying her first litters as a bichon breeder. Linda and Deb will continue to mentor her using the best practices of Hollyhock Bichons.

Tessa’s babies have arrived

Hollyhock Tresor De Lotus - Tessa Hollyhock Tresor De Lotus - Tessa Hollyhock Tresor De Lotus - TessaCongratulations to Tessa and sire Romeo on Tessa’s first litter. She delivered 3 boys and 2 girls in just over two hours with no complications. Mommy and babies are doing great. Tessa is the daughter of our Dee Dee and is owned by Lily Lee of Lotus Bichons, who Linda and Deb have been mentoring for several years. Lily will be raising these puppies using the protocols and best practices followed by Deb and Linda at Hollyhock Bichons. We expect Tessa will follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a wonderful bichon mommy.

Hollyhock Alfa Romeo – Works on his Grand Champion title

CH Hollyhock Alfa Romeo CH Hollyhock Alfa Romeo CH Hollyhock Alfa Romeo CH Hollyhock Alfa Romeo CH Hollyhock Alfa Romeo CH Hollyhock Alfa Romeo CH Hollyhock Alfa Romeo

Congratulations to Romeo for getting off to a great start working toward his Grand Champion title. In his first three times in the ring as a new Champion Romeo earned 3 Majors, defeated multiple Champions and Grand Champions, and earned Best of Breed Owner Handler and Group placements. In his most recent outing he took Best of Breed AND Best of Breed Owner Handler. Our little boy is growing up! Thank you to Anne and Tony Platt, his owners, for letting us show off their little prince.

Dee Dee and Romeo’s puppies have arrived

Dee Dee and Romeo welcomed 4 boys and 1 girl to the Hollyhock Bichon family the morning after Thanksgiving. She delivered her babies in about 3 hours with absolutely no stress or complications. Dee Dee just loves having babies and is a great mommy. This is Romeo’s first litter and it will be fun to see him play with his babies when they are old enough to interact with him.

To see more photos and follow their litter diary, click on this link and then bookmark that page.

Hollyhock Alfa Romeo – New Champion

Hollyhock Alfa RomeoHollyhock Alfa RomeoCongratulations to Anne and Tony Platt and their boy, Romeo, for completing his AKC Champion title. Romeo just turned 13 months old and it’s clear that he enjoys going to dog shows and strutting his stuff in the show ring. We hope to continue showing him for his Grand Champion and International Champion titles when the opportunities arise.  Romeo may also pursue his Owner Handler ranking in 2019.  In 2018 he ranked #16 for Owner Handled Bichons.

Hollyhock Tresor De Lotus – New Champion

Hollyhock Tresor De LotusHollyhock Tresor De LotusHollyhock Tresor De LotusCongratulations to Lily Lee and her girl Tessa for a big weekend of wins! Tessa was entered in 4 shows and hit the ground running, finishing her Champion title at the first show (thanks to her pro handler Dorinne Waterman) and then moved up to compete with the Champions and brought home 3 Grand Champion Majors under the lead of her proud mommy, Lily Lee. Way to go Tessa and Lily! What a weekend you had with this lovely girl.

Hollyhock Racy Lady – New Champion

Hollyhock Racy Lady “Diamond Lil” surprised everyone by making her show debut at 11 months old and finishing her Champion title 21 days later! Apparently the stars were aligned for this youngster. She finished with 4 majors, including several Best Opposites and a Best Of Breed to put the final icing on the cake. Lil lives in northern Michigan with her owner Susan Ruth Jackson. We couldn’t be more happy for Susan as it is her first show dog. Many thanks to Lisa Bettis and Ryan Wolfe for recognizing Lil’s potential and for their expertise as her handlers. And also a big thank you to the judges who saw a promising young puppy. Lil finished with all her points from the puppy class. Way to go little girl!

Emma and Sky’s puppies have arrived

Shyladawn's Hollyhock Ode To Chaminade "Emma"Shyladawn's Hollyhock Ode To Chaminade "Emma"

Friday after dinner Emma kept cruising from doggie bed to doggie bed, nesting in every comfy corner she could find. Deb kept a watchful eye and eventually she disappeared from view. She found her in a whelping box Deb had set up in her office “just in case”. Just then Linda called Deb to report that it was time to come over for Dee Dee’s whelping. To Linda’s surprise, Deb said she’d bring Emma along “just in case”. Tom loaded Emma in Deb’s car with her whelping box and affixed her to her harness and seat belt. I guess Emma decided she wasn’t going to wait, and when Deb pulled into Linda’s driveway, Emma was pushing out her first baby.

Linda helped Deb transfer the precious cargo to her living room where they got Emma and Dee Dee set up for a whelping contest. Emma already had the first score on the board with 1 girl and Dee Dee was surprised to see she wasn’t going to have center stage that evening. At the end of the night, Dee Dee finished delivering her final puppy just minutes before Emma delivered her final one. Emma scored 3 girls and 2 boys and Dee Dee scored 2 girls and 1 boy.

You can see pictures and follow Emma’s litter’s development at the following link:
Click here to follow the progress of this litter.

Please note: The puppies from this litter are all spoken for and will be going to families already on our waiting list. To get on the waiting list for a future litter or a referral to one of our breeder associates, please complete our puppy application.