Puppy Gallery

HollyCasper_1stlitter9wPuppies20131226_091633_500Puppies are available now.  We work with a small group of reputable breeders that follow stringent breeding protocols.  If all of our puppies are already placed, we are happy to be a resource for you in helping you find a puppy or retired show dog from one of our breeder associates. Just complete our Puppy Application and we will contact you to let you know which breeders have bichons available.

Placement gives priority to families wishing to finish a Bichon Frise champion and to families that already have (or have had) bichons.   We still consider all applications so please contact us if you are looking for a bichon bred for optimum health and conformation to the breed standard.

Please complete our     puppy application   and we will contact you with additional information.

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Puppy Gallery

Questions?  Send email to:   info@hollyhockbichons.com  or  Call Deb Gibb:   858-531-2890