Chipper_955_320Born approximately December 18,2007, Chipper was a stray found in Riverside County and turned in to animal control services. He was one sick puppy, with 2 ear infections, kennel cough and pneumonia. The shelter staff did not have the means to try to keep him alive so they called Bichon FurKids. We immediately transported him to a local veterinary hospital and within a week, he was able to go to foster care. Chipper had a full recovery and became a foster ambassador for Bichon FurKids, helping to foster and guide over 30 rescued bichons in 2009.

Unfortunately, in July of 2009, and only 18 months old, Chipper was diagnosed with some immune system deficiencies. Once again, Bichon FurKids came to his rescue and has been doing everything they can to help him win his battle. He continues to fight, but unfortunately, his fostering days are over.

~ Deb