Emma and Sky’s puppies have arrived

Shyladawn's Hollyhock Ode To Chaminade "Emma"Shyladawn's Hollyhock Ode To Chaminade "Emma"

Friday after dinner Emma kept cruising from doggie bed to doggie bed, nesting in every comfy corner she could find. Deb kept a watchful eye and eventually she disappeared from view. She found her in a whelping box Deb had set up in her office “just in case”. Just then Linda called Deb to report that it was time to come over for Dee Dee’s whelping. To Linda’s surprise, Deb said she’d bring Emma along “just in case”. Tom loaded Emma in Deb’s car with her whelping box and affixed her to her harness and seat belt. I guess Emma decided she wasn’t going to wait, and when Deb pulled into Linda’s driveway, Emma was pushing out her first baby.

Linda helped Deb transfer the precious cargo to her living room where they got Emma and Dee Dee set up for a whelping contest. Emma already had the first score on the board with 1 girl and Dee Dee was surprised to see she wasn’t going to have center stage that evening. At the end of the night, Dee Dee finished delivering her final puppy just minutes before Emma delivered her final one. Emma scored 3 girls and 2 boys and Dee Dee scored 2 girls and 1 boy.

You can see pictures and follow Emma’s litter’s development at the following link:
Click here to follow the progress of this litter.

Please note: The puppies from this litter are all spoken for and will be going to families already on our waiting list. To get on the waiting list for a future litter or a referral to one of our breeder associates, please complete our puppy application.